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DrivePak™ HVAC Efficiency Upgrade

Most retailers, restaurants, entertainment venues, theaters and financial institutions have one thing in common on their roofs: standard, low-cost, run-of-the-mill, constant-volume, DX packaged air conditioning units.

All these HVAC units have something in common too: They are wasting energy.

Even though a packaged rooftop air conditioning unit has to have enough capacity to produce a comfortable environment when the year's most extreme climate conditions occur, the reality is these conditions rarely occur. In fact, most experts agree the unit needs to operate at full capacity less than 5% of the time. So, you could say even a properly sized unit is "oversized" most of the time. The blower fan on these units has only one speed - 100% full blast. You can put a stop to that energy waste.

The Solution is DrivePak, a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) upgrade that increases the energy efficiency of standard HVAC components found on nearly all retail, entertainment, casual dining and grocery facilities.

It is commonly known that changing the operation of HVAC fans from constant speed to variable speed is an effective energy efficiency measure. Until recently, the economics of this solution were limited to larger fans with 20-50 horsepower motors, ones usually installed in large custom units in hospitals, industrial facilities or high-rise offices.

Now with DrivePak we are able to bring this technology down to standard rooftop package units and blower motors down in the 3-5 horsepower range. By matching the supply fan speed to run only as fast as the actual load requires, the reduction in energy consumption is automatic AND dramatic. The savings impact of reduced motor speed is exponential.

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