Proactive Portfolio Management

Proactive Portfolio Management
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Portfolio Solution of the “Do More for Less” Requirement

NexRev’s energy management and HVAC expertise can free you from daily operating details and issues. Trusted experts to retail and multisite facilities for over twenty years, we are proud to offer our Proactive Portfolio Management system.

What is Proactive Portfolio Management?

Proactive Portfolio Management (PPM) is a solution from NexRev that provides skilled labor to optimize the performance of your facilities. PPM is not a simple, reactive monitoring service; it proactively utilizes your Energy Management Systems to reduce building operational costs, maintain better comfort and customer experience, as well as aid in better allocation of capital spend. Developed for Multi-Site Companies with Small to Large Box Facilities.

With over 20 years of national multisite retail and entertainment venue experience,
no one is more qualified to proactively manage your facilities.

NexRev’s PPM Provides...

  • Improved comfort
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Expert troubleshooting and support
  • Reduced opertaional costs
  • Less stress ad headaches day to day

How PPM Delivers...

Whether you are utilizing the features and benefits of NexRev’s Freedom Energy Management System, or one of the many other systems manufactured by others, NexRev will deliver proactive management of your facility’s HVAC and lighting systems, saving you more in operational expense than the cost of NexRev’s PPM...


Relative to a historical baseline – mutually developed and agreed upon by Customer and NexRev - NexRev guarantees the savings provided across the portfolio will exceed the cost of the PPM program.

In addition, NexRev’s PPM will provide for call management and dispatch of maintenance and repair contractors relating to those systems.

Performance Evaluation and Reporting

  • Benchmark Energy Performance
    • Portfolio Detail
    • Site-by-Site Detail
  • Monthly Reporting
    • Alarms, Status
    • Call log, Status
    • Equipment Issues
    • Maintenance actions
  • Annual Reporting
    • Portfolio vs. Baseline Energy Use
    • Site-by-Site Energy Use

PPM Provides...

EMS Expertise:

- Installations

- Programming

- Commissioning

- Identify Outliers

- Take corrective measures

- Reduce excessive energy costs

- Reduce maintenance spend

HVAC Expertise:

- Applications

- Efficiency Upgrades

- Operational optimization

- Failure Prevention

- Performance Evaluation

- Troubleshooting assistance

- Maintenance vendor accountability

Test & Balance:

- Compare operation to "design"

- Identify improper balance problems



- Pressurization

- Humidity

- Indoor Air Quality