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How retailers are reducing the cost of running their air conditioning units

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Even before Ukraine was invaded, electricity prices were on the rise.  According to an analysis by Consumer Energy Alliance (CEA), the leading energy and environmental advocate for families and businesses, “America’s businesses and manufacturers can expect to pay at least $41.4 billion more for business-related energy costs in 2022”. The bad news goes on: “Federal

Reducing the fan speeds of your commercial HVAC units is easier than you think – and will immediately cut energy consumption

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Every Energy Manager is regularly pitched products and systems that will allegedly reduce energy costs. When such claims are made with minimal supporting data and little to no knowledge about your facility or energy spend, it’s natural to be cautious of another “snake oil” solution... But fact is, it’s an Energy Manger’s role to achieve

Introducing NexRev’s President and COO; focused on expanding our portfolio of products and services

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The Institute of Directors writes that the main purpose of a COO is to: Direct and control all organizational operations in accordance with the strategy and business plans agreed by the Chief Exec and Board to ensure that organizational goals and objectives are met. Well-known COOs include Tim Cook of Apple (CEO now, of course)