September 25, 2019, Plano, TX – NexRev,LLC announces new hire Jody Kass who joins the organization as Director of Facilities and Support Services.

Jody Kass

NexRev’s Proactive Portfolio Management (PPM) offering leverages data and analytics to identify opportunities within our customer’s portfolio to perform proactive repairs and upgrades. The NexRev Facilities and Support Service team continues to rapidly expand, adding key personnel and technology to prevent downtime, maximize equipment life, and reduce overall operational and energy spend.

“I love problem solving,” Kass says. “People, process, and technology. You can’t judge a book by its cover. You’ve got to dig into the person, process, and the situation.”

Kass brings a robust portfolio in facility and property management experience. A former Director of Operations at CBRE and Assistant Chief Engineer at Tulane Medical Center, Kass holds expertise in AutoCAD, HVAC, plumbing, and energy management. Additionally, Kass maintains a Certified Health Facilities Management (CHFM) distinction from American Health Association (AHA).

As Director of Facilities and Support Services, Kass will lead the facilities management and support team. He is responsible for leveraging new technology, implementing new policies and procedures, and cultivating partnerships to advance the division.

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