NexRev has partnered with Voltus to deliver a demand response service that enables customers to easily enroll and execute energy load reduction for lucrative demand response events.

Plano, TX, November 11, 2020 – Energy and facility management company, NexRev, announces today the availability of its real-time demand response service with market-leading demand response solution provider, Voltus, as part of their multi-site building management system, Freedom. Demand response programs allow commercial and industrial customers the opportunity to curtail their energy consumption during periods of peak electricity demand in exchange for financial benefits such as utility bill credits or rebate dollars.

This new API integration allows Freedom Choice customers to enroll their facilities in Voltus demand response programs without any additional hardware or active management required to participate in a demand response event. This streamlined functionality creates cash flow opportunities for the customer that correlate with their performance within the Voltus demand response programs.

NexRev customers can now leverage this innovative demand response service to create additional revenue streams from assets they already have installed. With the recent approval of Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) Order No. 2222, demand response programs will continue to grow across the country, creating further opportunities for Freedom Choice customers.

“At NexRev we focus on reducing the cost to operate your commercial facilities. The API integration with Voltus allows our customers to create positive cash flows from the Freedom building management systems they already have installed,” said Kenneth Smith, CEO of NexRev. “Execution of a demand response program across a large portfolio has been difficult in the past, but the working partnership between NexRev and Voltus has simplified the process for our customers, but most importantly, the solution helps our customers further reduce the cost to operate their portfolio.”

“Our goal is to make it as simple as possible for companies to participate in demand response in support of their sustainability and financial goals, and NexRev is executing on our vision with this new integration,” said Todd Krause, Senior Vice President of Sales at Voltus. “We are excited to see enrollment numbers increase and deliver a positive return for both customers and utilities across the country.”


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