At NexRev, we specialize in reducing a facility’s energy waste. One of the areas NexRev concentrates on is identifying rebate opportunities that customers can take advantage of to help pay for some, or even all, of the deployment costs. For example, the following rebates are currently available based on NexRev products:

Examples of DrivePak rebates:

  • Eversource (MA) – Starting at $1000 per Variable Frequency Drive
  • ComED Small Business Offering (IL) – $250/horsepower (hp)

Examples of Freedom Rebates:

  • Arizona Public Service – $0.20/sq. ft
  • ComEd (IL) – Up to $0.40/sq. ft

Many of our customers are concerned about the costs of deploying electricity-saving technology, and of course, they are always concerned about ROI.

In the case of Conn’s HomePlus, the company has saved more than $6 million in energy costs since 2016 by deploying DrivePak. In addition to energy savings, NexRev was also able to reduce Conn’s total rollout costs by more than 25% by identifying and utilizing available rebates.

With the Consumer Energy Alliance predicting that “America’s businesses and manufacturers can expect to pay at least $41.4 billion more for business-related energy costs in 2022”, the move to technologies that use less electricity is now imperative.

In most cases there are tax credits to be gained from reducing electricity consumption.  As energy regulation is driven at a state level, each state and utility company provides their own incentives. You can see the latest state and federal incentives and rebates here: The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency website (DSIRE)

Rebates and NexRev

Many utility rebates and incentives are available to cover the costs of installing DrivePak. In many states, rebates can cover more than half of the cost of a project improving the ROI to well under a year.

NexRev understands the various rebate programs and will help guide your business to the best possible program. NexRev also offers expert services to apply for and administer the programs so you can focus on your business and not paperwork.

NexRev rebate statistics:

  • 100+ utility programs leveraged
  • 2,100 sites with rebates in 36 states
  • Over $14M in rebates secured since 2015
  • 900+ sites with IRS 179D reduction
  • 41% average project cost reduction

A customized retrofit for every customer

To date, more than 70,000 NexRev units have been installed in commercial buildings across the US providing an internal rate of return that CFOs love!

As an example, for a building with twelve rooftop units and a 5hp average blower motor size, installing DrivePak would provide a payback of 1.34 years and a 5-year IRR of 70%. Rebates can reduce the ROI of these installs even further. For example, in Massachusetts you could use the MassSave rebate program for up to $1,400 savings on a 5hp install. In this case you could realize up to an 80.5% reduction in deployment cost.

Every building is different, so part of our service is to examine your entire equipment inventory, how you operate that equipment, and other factors to determine that DrivePak is a good fit for you.

Finally, the trick is to tune each Roof Top Unit (RTU) for the local environment. NexRev’s specialists make site visits and configure with proprietary optimization tools, so that each and every HVAC is individually optimized for the site, whether in Florida or Alaska.

Getting started towards lower energy consumption, a lower bill – and an energy waste conscious organization

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